My Top Ten Simple Things with Big Impact

On the advice of another blog, Hannah's Harvest, I'm creating a list of simple things in my life that really create a big impact. These are things I do (or have). The key is that they are all little, simple things that change the tone of my life. You know the book "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff"? Well this is about finding the small or simple things that matter to you and implementing them for a big impact. We all want health, happiness, joy and peace. What do we do to get there? It starts with small stuff. I hope you are inspired, not to follow my list, but to create your own top ten list of simple things with big life impact. They could be things you currently do (or have) or things you want to do (or want to have). Before you start, close your eyes, breathe, and listen to your inner self. Then let the simple things come forth!

My Top Ten Little Things

10.  Hugs, every morning & every night, given to everyone in the house, even the dog.

9.  Making the bed first thing. It makes me feel good to have this neat start to the day.

8.  Splashing cool water on my face when I feel tired.

7.  Learning to relax my jaw. I did this years ago, but it still tenses occasionally. I catch it and release.

6.  A brightly colored rain coat and rain hat. I bought them a couple years ago. Wearing them brightens up those rainy days. and the rain hat is the best. I sometimes don't even carry an umbrella.

5.  Blasting dance music in my house, dancing wildly and running around with my kids.

4.  Watermelon. Eating a cold slice of it outside in the hot summer sun, not with a fork, but biting into it. Even spitting the seeds! (If I can find seeded watermelon).

3.  A knowing "look" from someone I'm close to. A look that speaks volumes without words, a little smile that makes us both know we're thinking the same thing.

2.  A good quality yoga mat. (Simple, but very important to me!)

1.  My ears and their ability to listen - not just hear - but to listen... to the sounds of nature, the sounds of my children's voices (even when they're fighting), to the the subtle sounds of someone's heart through their voice and demeanor, to the rich sound of silence.