Mindfulness in Schools


Stress is a natural part of life. Healthy stress can help to motivate us to work hard and accomplish goals. These days, however, many students are weighed down by unhealthy amounts of toxic stress. The expectations placed upon them is more than they have the capacity to cope with, especially considering that they receive little to no training in stress management throughout their education. Toxic stress decreases students' attention, impairs emotional regulation, disturbs sleep and more. 

Educators are also plagued by toxic stress. Anxiety, decreased productivity, frustration, and burnout are becoming common symptoms that drive teachers to leave the profession. 

What I offer...

Grounded in science and research, Plugged into Mindfulness is a comprehensive program that starts with an 8 week training for educators in mindfulness and breathing techniques. In a 5 week followup series, educators learn specific techniques to offer children, K through 12th grade.  Additional sessions ensure quality control implementation of the program throughout the district and community.

This is NOT an online offering. You'll be trained face-to-face with Joni, or another mindfulness expert, given homework, readings, and the ability to address questions or concerns around the practices.

Although the program is customized to meet your school's needs, the course aims and objectives include the cultivation of:

Attention Skills

  • improving one's ability to concentrate

  • clarity of mind and thought for improved decision making

  • equanimity; a balanced internal state regardless of circumstances

Social-Emotional Skills

  • self-awareness

  • emotional regulation

  • social awareness

  • improved relationship skills

  • responsible decision making


  • greater self-confidence
  • flexibility in the face of challenge
  • emotional resilience/faster recovery from stressful event
  • trust in self and others

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