Organizational psychology expert Laura Lash joins mindfulness expert Joni Sturgill to offer cognitive mindfulness training and overall well-being assessment and planning for executives at different stages of their career:

Mountain Climbing   

(age 40s-early 50s)

This is a program for leaders who are moving into the peak of their career, perhaps still juggling family with work, and looking to optimize their focus, and strengthen cognitive skills. As leaders progress into higher stress positions, this program prepares you with skills and capacities to handle these increased stakes. Learn to balance work and life while following the path to purpose-driven goals. Learn to leverage your positive assets to improve overall work-life engagement and coherence.

Surveying the Summit

(age 50s-60s)

This program focuses on issues that arise when reaching the pinnacle of your career. Perhaps you're at the top of the ladder or perhaps you feel out of control. What’s going on cognitively, socially and with the overall well-being at this stage? We can help you identify which areas of work health & well-being are most impactful for you. Learn flexible strategies on how to prepare for unexpected transitions in career and life.  

Perspective on the Horizon

(age 60s-70s to retirement)

Of course you’ve planned for retirement, but what do you do now? Just as you would take stock of your assets to plan your fiscal well-being, learn how to prepare for improved psychological well-being in retirement. Joni and Laura can help you find your purpose and meaning in life as you transition toward retirement, but continue to work on your life’s legacy.  Not only will you be coached on how to develop mentoring relationships and share your expertise with the next generation, but also you’ll be guided to look ahead at what’s on the horizon for you personally. Stress reduction and wellness techniques will be at the forefront of this program.


Each Program offers:

  • Cognitive Mindfulness Training  

    • Uncovering a Core Purpose - Mindfulness training will help offer greater focus for the executive’s mental, emotional and physical energy so he/she may discover his/her core purpose and live that purpose, while letting go of distractions and roadblocks along the way. The executive will learn the basics of mindfulness techniques and how to integrate them into all aspects of life.

    • Social-Emotional Skills - The executive will learn foundations of mindful communication, the role of emotion, empathy, observation and judgment, and how to access these skills when communicating in challenging situations.

    • Performance Optimization - The executive will develop personal strategies for enhancing leadership success through improving executive functioning, decision-making, and emotional self-control.

    • Transition Management - The executive will learn proactive, flexible strategies for managing the transition into retirement. These flexible strategies will prepare the executive to better handle change and influence others’ capacity for change.

  • Overall Well-Being Assessment and Planning - Understand the signs of stress, anxiety and burnout and gain tools to find balance again, regardless of your schedule constraints. Create life satisfaction in any stage by living your core purpose. Experience the positive effects of leveraging your resources to cope with work and life stressors.

    • Taking Stock of Positive Assets - Identify positive assets related to improved well-being. These positive assets can be used to assist you through transitional stages of life, handle strain, and set specific goals to improve overall functioning.

    • Individual Evaluation - Ongoing program evaluation that helps identity results and improved work health & well-being outcomes. Sets the stage for continued focus on improving results over time, not just in the short-term.


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