What is Your Taproot?

How can you keep going in life when you feel drained? When you feel depleted and exhausted? When you're at your worst? It's so important to find nourishing activities and stick with them during the droughts of life. 

I learned recently that resilient plants, plants that can thrive through drought and rough climate changes, usually have a taproot. This is a very powerful long root that runs straight down, deep into the earth, to access a source of water. The plant can "drink" even on the driest day, and so it survives.

We each need a taproot too. In positive psychology, we'd call it a flow activity, something you do that nourishes you and fuels you like nothing else. This taproot or flow activity might have to do with your faith, with a hobby, with being in nature, or with exercise. Perhaps it's something else. You'll know when you find it because everything else fades away and you feel fully alive, when engaged in that flow.

Remember, we need nourishment too. Find your taproot and practice it regularly, so you'll always thrive, no matter what the climate is in that moment.

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Joni Sturgill