Beyond the Fear

Violence, racism, hatred - boiled down to its essence is all FEAR. Fear of what is different. Fear of being hurt. Fear of one's own feelings of anger. Fear of a world that feels out of control.

But more fear & fear behaviors won't overcome the existing fear. We can't force people out of the fear and judgement in their minds.

I agree that we DO need to know when terrible things happen. We DO need to be educated and have eyes wide open to violence, racism and hatred - because it DOES exist with far too much prevalence in the world today.
We need to come together with compassion and mourn violence and loss. And there should be consequences for anyone's violent actions.

But without a GOOD example, how will the fear ever end?

The answer is to show compassion for all. The answer is for the media and all of us - to ALSO focus on the positive things that happen in the world, so we have a GOOD example. So we have an example of LOVE and can learn how to find that within ourselves and model that kind of compassion for each other.

If the focus is ALWAYS on the negative, ALWAYS on what is wrong, ALWAYS on the violence and tragedy, that's all we will see. And that fuels the fear in BIG ways.

Good things DO happen in this country and in the world. There is LOVE and COMPASSION and UNDERSTANDING being shown from all different kinds of people toward all different kinds of people. We NEED more of THAT - we need to share more about that. The media needs to COVER more of that - so we ALL have something to aspire to, something to see as a good example and something to show and demonstrate for our children, so perhaps they grow up in a slightly different world.

Peace, Love and Light to all people, especially those who are hurting right now.