Adolescent Mindfulness

Kids today are attached to their electronic devices, be they gaming, texting, facebooking, or instagraming. Seemingly gone are the days of playing outside, being in nature, visiting friends houses and just “hanging out” - not virtually - but in reality. Giving adolescents the opportunity to find out who they are on the inside is so important.

Learning meditation is one way to help kids unplug, slow down and be present to the nuances of life all around that are missed when they’re in the virtual world. I'm planning workshops this fall that involve both discussion and time to practice several simple meditation and mindfulness techniques. Look to my Schedule/Workshops page for details (coming soon). Follow me on Facebook or Twitter for updates as well. 


I'm also thrilled to be working with two really great individuals who are on board with helping kids unplug and be present and positive, Dave Gray of CDG Sports and Stephanie Saikaly of Bridges Behavior Consulting. Look for our combined efforts to help kids be confident, balanced, positive and to have fun!

Joni SturgillComment