Unplugging...to Plug into Something Greater

A student who attended one of my meditation workshops recently sent me an email, wanting to learn more about Sanskrit - the ancient language of yoga. He had enjoyed using a Sanskrit mantra that I offered as a meditation technique and said that it made him feel like he was plugging into something greater, like the collective unconscious. 

He was referring, of course, to the concept coined by Carl Jung, which refers to the idea that, as humans, we all share similar unconscious structures, instincts and archetypes. Because we share these same symbolic ideas, we can feel connected, or plugged into each other and the world around us.

As an ancient, root language, Sanskrit might be tapping into some connective, primitive wisdom, passed down through the ages. The simple phrase So Hum, which translates into English as "I am," is a concept that appears in everything from various religious texts to Shakespeare's Hamlet, calling, "to be or not to be," and we are calling ourselves into being with So Hum, saying, "I am. I am 'to be'." We are also saying So Hum as a way of connecting with our deepest selves, our spiritual selves... to the spark of the divine that is within us. We are remembering THAT. And working toward leading life with this So Hum forward.

There's more than one way to do that, to connect with something greater. Consider what makes you feel plugged in... Is is going to church? Practicing meditation in your home? Walking in nature? Being present with your family? Reading an inspirational text? There is no right or wrong way to connect deeply to yourself, the collective unconscious, or the divine... It's up to you to figure out what works for you. But I think that we must take time in this fast-paced, technology-filled world to unplug and sit with ourselves. We must take time, even if it's uncomfortable at first, to slow down and consider ... how to plug into something greater. After all, life isn't about the details, a job, going to the grocery store, or watching your favorite television show. It's about connection, love, and finding yourself amidst all your to-do's. Try plugging into something meaningful today, and breathe in the beauty of the life you have in this moment, this never before, and never again moment. What will you do with it?