Soften, Root & Shine!

When you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or are worrying about all the possible things that could go wrong in your life or the world, first notice the dialogue in your head. 

Can you step outside the matrix of fear for a moment and say to yourself, "Wow, I'm worrying a lot right now." Then...RELAX - this is the softening part. Literally lower your shoulders from up around your ears. Unclench your jaw. Imagine all the tense muscles in your body suddenly turned to jello.

Next...Imagine growing roots into the earth like a tree. Or imagine the qualities of a mountain. Grounded. Solid, stable, unwavering. Embody these qualities as much as you can in the moment.

Finally, open your heart and SHINE! What does this mean? It means to remember your purpose. Are you here on this earth to worry and stress? What gifts you do you have? What special talent, skill or ability? It could be something as simple as the quality of friendliness. BEAM that quality. Remember your strengths, your deep, unique light within and offer it up to the moment, whether you're alone or surrounded by people. How can you embody the best parts of who you are - even if just for a moment? What can you give to someone else in the moment - a listening ear, compassion, trust, kindness, a smile or a hug? 

What can you give to yourself? Can you cultivate the gift of peace? You deserve it. Soften, root and shine! 

Joni SturgillComment