There IS Enough Time

As a single mother of two boys, a small business owner, and a graduate student, not to mention a homeowner and pet owner, I know what it's like to feel like there's not enough time to get things done. But the truth is...There IS enough time.

It's a matter of choosing what we do with the minutes and hours of each day and what makes the list of priorities. I notice when I'm feeling overwhelmed, it's not about the task I'm focused on, but ALL the other things I'm NOT doing in that moment. There's dishes in the sink...there's paperwork to fill out...there's a newsletter to write...emails to return...exercise to keep my body healthy... Just like any spiral of the mind, we are creating a trap for ourselves. A vortex of unhappiness, if you will, because there will always be things on the list that we AREN'T doing.
Yet again, it is so important to practice mindfulness not only in moments of still meditation, but amidst our daily grind of getting things done. Learn to prioritize. Make a list of tasks. Pick a few to start with and number them in order of what needs done first. Sounds easy, right? Not always. For instance, I have tedious paperwork that needs to be completed but here I sit and write this article. While I prioritized this over the paperwork, I'm going to choose the paperwork over dishes in the sink. For me, in this situation, that works. Tomorrow I might choose a walk or extra long yoga practice before returning phone calls. YOU need to find your own priorities. Celebrate when you complete tasks. Be pleased with what you accomplish, even if it feels like a tiny step on a very long path. It's something that wasn't finished yesterday, and you won't have to do that step tomorrow. Remember also to seek balance. Don't sacrifice self care or things that you love over another item on the to-do list. Find balance.
What are we in a rush for anyway? There WILL be more items on the to-do list tomorrow. There will be opportunities to play. This is LIFE. Be present. Enjoy each moment as it comes and don't wish it away or wish it to be different. There is beauty in each task if you can open your eyes to it. There's even beauty to that paperwork I've been procrastinating on because it will give me new opportunities. And there IS enough time for it ALL, if we just breathe...and take one step at a time.