Referrals Get you a Free Session!

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to thank you all for being wonderful students and clients of mine, whether we've worked together on nutrition, stress reduction, life coaching, meditation, or yoga. As you know, I continue to study in these areas, as I'm also learning a lot about psychology and counseling. Someday I hope to have a wellness center to truly help people find balance for the body, mind and spirit (healthy body peaceful soul!). 
I'm looking to expand my business this summer, starting in May, so I'm offering this deal - for every 3 referrals I get from you, you get a free private session to work on whatever you'd like (an $85 value).
That means if you can tell 3 of your friends who are looking to reduce stress, get healthier, work on specific health or life concerns in a holistic way, to give me a call or send me an email, and they all sign up for just one session with me, then you get a free session. Or, if you tell just one friend and they commit to 3 sessions with me, then you get a free session. If 6 friends sign up, you get 2 free sessions, and a special gift!
Thank you so much for your business. I've enjoyed working with all of you - it's so rewarding! I love my work and I'm grateful for the experience. I hope you are all well on this beautiful sunny day.
Peace and light to you - and a fantastic weekend!