Fall Away from Fear

I hear this so often. "I know what I need to do to - to reduce stress, to lose weight, to get organized, to feel better - but I just ... don't do it."

How often do we let self-care fall to the bottom of the to-do list, instead spending time washing dishes, cleaning house, sitting in front of the television or mindlessly scrolling through social media? How often do you say, "I have no time to take care of myself (do yoga, meditate, prepare healthy meals, or exercise)?" 

Or do you have a dream ... some unfulfilled aspiration out there that sits waiting ... because you choose to spend your time on menial tasks instead of building the life you want? 

It's FEAR that holds us back from going after our dreams, whether that dream is good health, a balanced mental/emotional state, owning your own business, traveling the world, or finding true love. The thought of spending time working toward a goal that might not materialize is ego-shattering for us. So often, we choose not to put ourselves out there and try, under the assumption that we will fail anyway, so there's no point.

I'm here today to tell you to shout out your dreams, whether you're looking for the ideal relationship or learning how to manage stress. Wake up and smell the opportunities that life presents you with every new day and take the spare moments - and we ALL have spare moments - to take baby steps toward your goals and dreams.

People often ask me if meditation makes you passive ... because I talk about non-judgmental awareness and acceptance of "what-is." Some say that they don't want to meditate because they don't want to lose their edge and just "accept" whatever yucky state that their life is in. That's not what it's about! Don't accept less than YOUR best effort in making your dreams come true. Here's the thing ... Meditation makes you SHARPER, QUICKER, brings more CLARITY and FOCUS, and strengthens neural connections in the brain that help your reasoning and decision-making skills. PLUS, meditation helps you to accept whatever life throws at you, whether it is merely a small speed bump or a brick wall. 

The acceptance piece is important because life is NOT about any particular outcome. It's about the journey and what we learn and experience along the way. You might achieve your goal and your dream and that's great! Sometimes you might not, and those will be valuable experiences that will enable you to grow and have new perspectives if you can sit with equanimity and just see.

The point is to not waste your valuable time sinking into meaninglessness. Stop procrastinating and making excuses. Turn off the computer and make a change. You HAVE the time. You HAVE the ability. You KNOW what you want.

Take this time of autumn...this time of transition...pick up a paintbrush and paint the picture of what you want your life to be. Believe in yourself to make it happen, and get started.

I'm here to support you, to hold you accountable, or to teach you techniques and skills if you need them. Be inspired by the falling leaves. Start growing the life you want today.

Peace, Light and Love to each of you,

Joni SturgillComment