Kaleidoscope of the Mind

Fireworks or darkness?
Bursts of “wow” fading into different
golden sunsets and crown jewels,
shapes and colors,
exploding, then disappearing,
a cycle.

The ever-changing reality of
something new,
wonderment, and
sometimes a sense of loss
with each transformation.

Excitement and joy
or anxiety and stress?
Never-ending metamorphosis,
our bodies,
our families,
our friends,
our circumstances.

The world around us and within us,
inherently a kaleidoscope of change.

Can you see
the beauty in each glance through your
matrix of experiences,
the ups and downs,
the waves on high that are destined to crash?

Can we open to see
the beauty is just as much
in the fading
as in the birth?

Letting go
of the grasping,
the holding on...
to the flicker of fireworks
or the setting sun.

The kaleidoscope keeps turning.

We can keep learning and growing,
if we witness
and breathe,
if we love
and let go,
knowing that the beauty of life
is in the cycle.