My Top Ten Healthy Living Tips for Families

Joni’s Top 10 Daily Healthy Living Tips

I'm handing this list out tonight when I teach Family Yoga Night at my sons' Elementary School, so I thought I'd share it here too!   

1. Stretch first thing in the morning. It just takes 2 minutes. Reach up to the sky, reach down to the earth. Stretch from side to side. Twist. Repeat. It’ll invigorate you and help you wake up!

2. Breathe. Take 3 deep breaths in the morning when you wake up. Invite in more oxygen to nourish every cell of your being.

3. Talk to yourself!  Recite a positive affirmation a few times in the morning. Something like, “I am happy today.” or “This is a good day!” There is evidence that you create your own experience with your attitude, whether it’s positive or negative.

4. Breakfast. Include a whole grain (like oatmeal or whole wheat toast) and piece of fruit as part of a healthy breakfast. Add some milk, soymilk, peanut butter/almond butter/sunbutter or an egg for protein and you’re ready to start the day with plenty of fuel.

5. Take a Break. When you’re feeling stressed or worried or really busy, STOP whatever you’re doing. Stand or sit completely still for 60 seconds. Feel your feet on the floor, notice your breathing, tell yourself “it’s okay.” and believe it.

6. Add more vegetables to your diet. You can’t eat too many vegetables! And most Americans don’t eat nearly enough. Vegetables contain fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals and have immune-boosting properties. They help you stay fuller longer and make you feel great. Be adventurous - try different veggies, raw, cooked, grind them up in soups and sauces (to “hide” them). Enjoy!

7. Move your body every day! If you don’t exercise regularly, then just move! Dance, clean, walk for enjoyment, play with your kids, jump up and down for energy. Our bodies were meant to move, so use your body!

8.  Breathe. To reduce stress overall in your life (this goes for your kids too), practice this breathing technique every day. Inhale to a count of 4, Exhale to a count of 8. Take between 3 and 5 breaths like this - or more if you like. Notice how calm you feel afterward.

9. Eat foods closest to nature. How close to nature is the food you eat? If it comes from a restaurant, or a box or can, it’s probably quite far from its natural form. Eat less processed food. Eat more fresh veggies, fruit, fresh fish, meats and even dairy! Learn to cook - you don’t have to be a chef to prepare a simple, delicious and healthy meal.  

10. Give thanks. Have gratitude for the food you eat, your health, your home, your family, your friends and community. We are all so lucky and blessed. To recognize your blessings and feel gratitude every day helps to make you happier and less stressed. This all equals GOOD HEALTH!

If you’re interested in learning more about healthy eating, nutrition and stress reduction, feel free to contact me for private sessions and to learn more about my wellness programs. I help people with digestive issues, high blood pressure, sleep difficulties, and more, find wellness and balance naturally, by making small changes to their diet and lifestyle to promote the body’s desire to be balanced and well.