Disarming Your Energy Vampires

We all have people or situations in our lives that leave us feeling drained.  But you can learn to shield yourself from the people and things that suck the life out of you.  There’s a lot of great advice out there on how to deal with energy vampires. My method is a step by step process, that incorporates some traditional and non-traditional techniques for reclaiming your energy.

1. Identify who or what drains you and why. Perhaps if your energy vampire is a person, you might realize that the relationship is just one-sided; he or she complains about their life, and you listen. Perhaps if it is a task, like cleaning your house, then you might think of how you wish you were doing something else with that time.

2. Ask yourself, “Can I change my way of thinking and react to this person or situation differently?”  You could try to see your friend’s perspective. Perhaps he or she doesn’t have anyone else in their life to confide in. Maybe you are helping this person by lending an ear - can you change your perspective of the relationship, have compassion for the person and let go of your irritation? Letting go of your resistance can help you to reclaim some energy. Regarding a situation like cleaning the house, you could again change your perspective or change the way in which you complete the job, like breaking it into small steps, instead of doing it all at once.

3. Breathe. Practice meditation regularly; this means every day. A breathing and meditation practice can help you to increase your energy and be more grounded. You won’t be as easily drained by challenging people or situations - you’ll be able to approach life with more equanimity.

4. If all else fails, end the energy sucking relationship. Or get help with the energy-draining task.
Depleted energy can eventually cause your body to weaken and get sick. It's so important to plug up  these energy drains as soon as you can. There are many ways to reclaim your energy and turn it toward the things you love in life. This is all part of finding balance in your overall health and wellness. Remember that I'm here if you need my help! Check out one of my Meditation Workshops if you're local to Pittsbugh.