Upcoming Workshops


Yoga & Positive Psychology

Sunday, September 11, Schoolhouse Yoga

East Liberty location

2pm to 4:30pm, $30

Feel like you’re getting overwhelmed by stress? Not living the life you wanted? Learn compassion for yourself so you can move beyond your emotional pain, to live a purposeful, joyful, happy life!

This class includes yoga, positive psychology exercises, journaling, laughter, and conscious breathing and simple meditation.



Restorative Yoga 

Sunday, October 9, 2-4pm, $30
Schoolhouse Yoga, Squirrel Hill location
Restorative Yoga is a deeply relaxing practice where you prop yourself on pillows, bolsters and blankets in poses that gently stretch and open the body. These poses allow both your mind and your body to deeply heal and restore. This workshop is for all levels - anyone who needs to relax and release stress and tension. CLICK to register now (you will be directed to another site to register).



Meditation & Restorative Yoga for those in Helping Professions 

Sunday, November 6, 2016, 2pm to 4:30pm | $30 | Schoolhouse Yoga East Liberty Location


Are you a caretaker by profession or by nature? If you are a counselor, social worker, teacher, physician, nurse or parent - or anyone in the social/helping professions - do you really take the time to restore your own body, mind, emotions or energy? Are you finding ways to manage stress in your life? Join Joni in this workshop and learn techniques you can practice regularly to renew yourself, so you can avoid or minimize burnout. You’ll learn meditation techniques to calm and focus the mind, plus how to position the body, using props, to encourage complete relaxation. No experience necessary. Open to anyone who needs to relax.




TBD, $20

Unchain yourself from your stress and free your body from tension in this 90 minute class. No experience necessary. Come as you are for a gentle stretch and warm up and then let yourself be guided by intention and music to release whatever burdens you through movement and dance. You'll have the option to be guided in movement or to cut loose on your own. This is not a "dance" class to learn patterns and steps or to follow rules, but a way of connecting to your body, your breath and your natural movement to release physical tension, emotional stress and break mental patterns. Join Joni to Play.Dance.Be. In the Moment. In Your Body. Move. And Let Go.



Meditation & Journaling for 
Healing Your Heart


Major life changes affect us all, whether you are coping with the loss of a loved one, healing from a personal setback, making sense of your career path, or seeking greater balance in your life, this workshop will leave you more energized and optimistic to forge ahead with purpose and a healing heart. Joni will lead you in a few  meditation and breathing practices as well as some journaling exercises to cultivate confidence and equanimity in the face of whatever life change you’re experiencing. New and experienced meditators welcome.  Please bring your own journal and pen.



Partner Meditation Workshop 

$40/couple | TBD

Sustaining healthy, fulfilling relationships (of any kind) can be challenging, especially during times of stress. Do you need to re-connect with your spouse, partner, or close friend? Or maybe you're just looking for something fun to do together to create a stronger bond? Learn to relax together and experience a deeper connection through breathwork and simple meditation techniques. This workshop is designed to allow you to quietly experience and appreciate each other's unique presence, without words getting in the way of your connection. CLICK to register now (you will be directed to another site to register).

Kids Unplugged: Meditation to Embody & Empower Children & Adolescents aged 10-15

TBD | 2-4pm | $25 | 

Kids today are attached to their electronic devices, be they gaming, texting, facebooking, or instagraming. Seemingly gone are the days of playing outside, being in nature, visiting friends houses and just “hanging out” - not virtually - but in reality. Giving adolescents the opportunity to find out who they are on the inside is so important. Learning meditation is one way to help kids unplug, slow down and be present to the nuances of life all around that are missed when they’re in the virtual world. This workshop involves both discussion and time to practice several simple meditation and mindfulness techniques.

Meditation to Prep for Tests


Remember your facts better, gain a deeper understanding of your test material, be calmer and more successful taking tests, after learning and practicing a couple simple meditation techniques. Joni Sturgill has been teaching meditation for nearly 10 years and has helped countless individuals reduce anxiety and perform better at school, at their jobs and in their personal lives. Her adaptable style of meditation can help individuals lower stress levels to allow the brain to recall more effectively, and the body to relax. Want to feel great and do better on your next test?  Sign up today!




Gentle Yoga with Positive Psychology Teacher Training

TBD, $40

Whether you’re interested in teaching seniors, those with injuries or other physical limitations, or just those who want to balance with something softer, Joni will provide a framework and series of movements/poses for teaching gentle yoga. 

She will provide opportunities for out-of-the box thinking when it comes to preparing classes or working with private students who have gentle needs.

Joni will also draw on her Master's level psychology work to add a positive psychology twist, with meditations and concepts for healing through the power of positive thinking. Joni is an experienced 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher; this workshop will count toward continuing education for 200 hour teachers.

Yoga for Fertility Workshop

TBD (I can teach this in private sessions or in a group)

If you're struggling to conceive, you're not alone. Infertility is on the rise. Although there are many individual factors that can influence fertility, stress is a big one. Add that to conventional infertility treatments, which can cause painful side effects and financial strain...this equals even more emotional stress. Many couples are turning to yoga for a natural approach or as a compliment to traditional treatment.
In this workshop, participants will learn how to reduce stress levels through a series of gentle and restorative yoga postures, breathwork and meditation. In addition to reducing stress, our intention will be to help release the blocked energy in the sacral chakra, an energy center in the body which governs the reproductive system. 
Joni will bring her crystal singing bowl, tuned to balance the sacral chakra, and play it at the end of the class, for final relaxation.
CLICK to register now (you will be directed to another site to register).

"I took your yoga for fertility class a while back. I have been meaning to reach out and say thank you. I am pregnant! I honestly feel like what I learned and implemented from you made a huge difference for me. I wanted you to know that as you really do amazing work for others. I have said countless times that what helped me the most in my year long journey to conceive was your class... So thank you for you. And my little girl due in November thanks you as well :)" ~ Jenni


Sound Healing Workshop 


The Brain Health Center, Wexford
Registration Required:   
Call: 724.625.2833 or E-mail:  info@brainhealthctr.com

Come and experience deep healing and relaxation in this nourishing workshop. Joni will use sound to help you to focus and clear the mind, by meditating on specific sounds. Then, experience the healing sounds of the crystal singing bowls and let all your stress, tension and worries melt away. This is a wonderful practice for anyone who is stressed or who wants to feel restored deeply, from the inside out. No experience necessary. All levels and abilities welcome.





Meditation For New Mothers

New moms are encouraged to bring their babies and baby's blanket to this workshop. This 3-week series will be offered on weekdays.

More details to follow...

The Brain Health Center, Wexford

Registration Required:  
Call: 724.625.2833 or E-mail:  info@brainhealthctr.com 





Meditation Workshop for Kids 8-13 

Schoolhouse Yoga Squirrel Hill location 
Meditation teaches us to be more focused and calm, more centered and happy. What if we could give this gift to our children at a young age? Teach them to manage their emotions, their highs and lows, and life stress with more ease? In this workshop, Joni will combine periods of movement with periods of stillness. She'll use sound and then allow the children to "hear" the silence. All the kids will learn meditation exercises and "games" to practice at home. 
Charge is per child - parent is welcome to either drop their child off or stay and join in.




Meditations for Labor


Preparing for the birth of your child can be overwhelming. This is the perfect time to learn breathwork and meditations that can support you not only during labor, but now, during these crucial months where your bond is already forming with your little one. Learn how to find your calm, balanced center and how practicing mediation now can help to carry you through labor and the birth of your baby with beautiful intention and a calm heart. Class is open for both mothers and fathers alike. Contact me to bring this class to your location or for a private session!





Homemade Babyfood

Shining Light Prenatal  3701 Butler Street, Pittsburgh

We all want our babies to eat the most nutritious foods for their first meals. One of the best ways to do that is to make your own babyfood at home. Come and learn how to make your own babyfood. With some simple tools and easy methods you can prepare healthy meals for your littlest one. I will also discuss the benefits to your baby and the benefits to your family through making your own babyfood at home. I'll also include some important things to consider when introducing new foods to your baby.

Please join me for this fun, hands-on, informative session on Homemade Babyfood. CLICK to register now (you will be directed to another site. Search on Homemade Babyfood to register).



Prenatal Nutrition - Healthy Eating for Two

Shining Light Prenatal  3701 Butler Street, Pittsburgh

Myths and rumors on what you should and shouldn’t eat while pregnant are everywhere. Should you eat fish, or avoid it? Should you consume dairy products, or avoid them?  It can leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused.  Add that to the often unhealthy or unusual cravings you can experience, and figuring out a healthy diet for yourself and your little peanut can cause a lot of stress.

Relax! Attend this workshop with Joni Sturgill, RYT, AADP.  In Easy, Healthy Eating for Two, Joni will give you simple ways to eat healthy, manage cravings, and figure out what works for you and your little one.

Joni will discuss myths and facts regarding prenatal eating, and how you can wade through this information to make the right choices for yourself.  She’ll also include simple steps to make sure you’re getting all the nutrition you need while pregnant, plus she’ll touch on portion sizes, meal planning, and simplifying your routine.  Joni makes healthy eating easy and fun! She’ll address the issue of cravings, and provide quick, healthy recipes, including ones that can be prepared in advance and frozen.  Joni even guides participants into a short visualization to help calm and soothe the nervous system – stress reduction is such an important part of health! There will be time at the end of class for questions. CLICK to register now (you will be directed to another site. 


Weigh Less, Live More Audio Class 

Find out the top five things you can do to improve your health and wellness, including tips on how to keep extra pounds off. This is available in PodCast:  Click here to listen for free!