“Thanks to meditation sessions with Joni, I have been able to reduce the stress I felt in my daily life. I react to things with less anxiety and worry, plus I have more energy than ever”

~ Warren, Pittsburgh, PA 



“Joni's classes have really helped me to slow down and to be more aware of my body....more mindful of my thoughts and feelings. I feel stronger physically and feel empowered emotionally....better equipped to handle the challenges of every day life.”

~ Susan, mother of two



“Joni's classes are the most deeply relaxing thing in my life.”

~ Henry, yoga student


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"You must learn to be still in the midst of activity, and vibrantly alive in repose." - Indira Gandhi

Learning meditation is learning how to be present...to let go of your to-do list...to find stillness in the body...to experience your life from a different perspective...to develop a more clear and focused mind.

Meditation has been proven to help

  • lower blood pressure 
  • reduce chronic pain
  • reduce stress levels
  • improve mental concentration
  • release negative emotions
    such as anger & resentment
  • improve confidence
  • increase breathing efficiency
  • improve muscle response time
  • increase levels of the sleep
    hormone melatonin
  • increase overall enjoyement of life

In my workshops or in my private sessions, I introduce different meditation techniques, because I believe that there is no such thing as "one-technique-fits-all." The technique is just a tool, we're all working to get a taste of inner peace - it doesn't matter how you get there - but you need a tool that works for you. My workshops are for both new and experienced meditators - and if you've never meditated with a group before, you'll want to experience the peaceful energy we create together in my workshops!

Once we find what works for you - mantra, mindfulness, breathwork, or something else, we can work toward deepening your practice. I'll make sure you can pull a trick out of your "meditation toolbox" anytime you're under stress, to help you almost instantly become more calm and focused.